Petra Gallery,  Moab, Utah
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Annie Goodenough; Raku
                  Annie Goodenough           

Annie's Raku Sculptures are individually modelled in clay, bisque fired in the kiln, multiple glazes applied, then refired at high temperature, and moved while still hot to Raku container.  
The Raku container is lined with 
newspapers or wood chips which 
 burst into flame when the hot sculpture is put in.  The smoke filled, airless container creates the distinctive nature of the glazes and finished sculpture.

Annie gets the inspiration for her sculptures from the faces and clothing of the different ethnic peoples she meets on her extensive travels.  She also sculpts local Moab area birds and wildlife.

For Purchase information, please email Annie at:

Upcoming Events for 2012:

Jan & Feb 2012;       Featured Artist at Overlook Gallery,
                                                  83 E. Center St., Moab, UT

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New Ceramic Sculptures for 2012

                                                                                        "The Dancer"
                                                                                          12 x 5" glazed raku

                                                "Annie Sozzi"
                                                  10 x 11" unglazed raku

                                                  "Tall Woman"
                                                    12 x 6 " unglazed raku

                                                              "The Old One"
                                                                8 x 4" glazed raku

                                                         "Renaisance Woman"
                                                           8 x 4" unglazed raku

                                                                   12 x 5" glazed raku

                                                              "Blue Kerchief"
                                                                11 x 10" glazed raku

                                                           "Market Day"  
                                                             12 x 6" glazed raku

                                                                                                                                      "Medieval Woman"
                                                           9 x 8" unglazed raku

                              "Owl"                                                     "Mother & Child"
                                           Raku Glazed Ceramic Sculpture                                          
8 x 15"
Glazed & Unglazed Ceramic Figures
           Unglazed Ceramic Sculpture
            8 x 18"

For Purchase Information Email Annie at:

Examples of SOLD Commission Pieces

          "Angel With Me"                                                          "Inside"

         "Harvest"                                                                       "Wonder"

"With Me"

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