Petra Gallery,  Moab, Utah
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Cynthia Beyer; Gourds
                Cynthia Beyer    

            Cynthia Beyer was born in Portland Oregon.  She discovered at an early age the joy of turning objects from the natural world into artistic creations.  In high school and college her artistic passions led to sculpting and carving in clay, wood, and stone.

        Cynthia's art has been particularly influenced by her love of music.  She comes from a family in which everone played at least one instrument.  Her grandfather, a violin maker, made the cello Cynthia still plays.  Her painted gourd rattles and drums are sturdy instruments, and are meant to be played.

        Since 1975 Cynthia has worked for the National Park Service around the West, and is currently employed as a ranger at Canyonlands National Park.

        "When I moved to Moab in 1988 and planted gourds in my garden, I became intrigued with all the possibilities of working with them.  Crafting them into rattles and painting them still remains my favorite form of artistic expression.  Growing up in Portland I was initially influenced by Northwest Coast Native American art, which I absolutely adore.  Since then, the desert landscape and the rock art of the canyon country have inspired many of my designs.  Recently I studied with a Navajo weaver, and have found great delight weaving rugs on a traditional Navajo loom.  Elements of Navajo and other Southwestern Native American rug and other designs, have also inspired my paintings."

        "In 1992 I met master drum maker John St. Andre, who handcrafts drums in his Colorado workshop.  John had asked me to paint one of his drums for him, and I was inspired to paint more.  This has lead to my acquiring more drums from John to paint."

        For further information on artwork or purchases, please contact Cynthia Beyer by email at;
by mail at;  PO Box 325
                 Green River, UT, 84525

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                     Gourds & Drums
          Gourd Vases & Bowls
                                                                                6 x 14" gourd vase

                                                                                  "Desert Garden"

                                                                              6 x 7" gourd vase

                                                                                    6 x 5" goourd bowl
                                                                                   Sold; Thank you, Hilda Smith, UT                

                                                                                         6 x 5" gourd bowl


                                                        "Canyon Wren"
                                                              12" elkhide drum  

              "Rain Snake"                                                                      "Kwataka"
               15" elkhide drum                                                               15" elkhide drum
              $350.                                                                                    $275.

              "Maze"                                                                                    "Scarlet Tanager"
                12" elkhide drum                                                                  12" elkhide drum
                Sold                                                                                        $195.  

            "Owl"                                                                                      "Lightening Lizard"
             15" elkhide drum                                                                   12" elkhide drum
             Sold; Thank you, Adele Alsop, UT                                        Sold    
            "Cloud Eagle"                                                                          "Sun Eye"
              22" caribou drum                                                                  19" elkhide drum
              Sold                                                                                        Sold

            "Sunbeam"                                                                             "Eagle"
             12" elkhide drum                                                                  12" elkhide drum
             Sold                                                                                        Sold; Thank you Katy anderson, UT
     Gourd Rattles

                                                                         "Desert Birds" 
                                                                          6 x 9" Hopi gourd rattle

                            "Haida Hummingbird" 
                             3 x 16" Dipper gourd rattle
                             Sold; Thank you, Denise Culver, CO         

                                                               "Floral Paths"  
                                                                5 x 14" Cannonball gourd rattle with cherrywood handle

                                                                 "Diamonds & Butterflies"
                                                                  5 x 13" Cannonball gourd rattle with Driftwood handle 
                                                                         "Spring Flowers"  
                                                                          4.5 x 11" Dipper gourd rattle

                                                                 5 x 12" Cannonball gourd rattle with Cherrywood handle
     Gourd Ornaments

                  "Canyonlands National Park"
       Ornament on 2008 White House Christmas Tree

    * Permanent Collection of the White House


                                                                               "Animal Heads"
                                                                                3-4" woodburned gourd ornaments
                                                                                $35. each

                                     "Figure 1"                                   "Figure 2"                              "Figure 3"  
                                                                          3.5 x 5" Egg gourd ornaments
                                                                          $35. each  

                          "Angel"                                "Rock Art"                                 "Canyon Wren"
                          3" painted                            3" painted                                  3.5" woodburned 
                          $30.                                      $30.                                            $30.   

                              "Owl"                                       "Penguin"                                    "Bighorn Sheep"
                                                                   3-4" painted gourd ornaments
                                                                   $36. each

To purchase, and for more information, contact Cynthia Beyer by email at;    
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