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Philip Wagner; Painting
   Philip Wagner      

     Art is translating.Translation, add to that, interpreting. Nothing can be mimicked precisely without a grain or two of the Artist being exposed. The artwork tells more about the individuality of the artist than the object depicted.  It shares that individuality with the Viewer.  The Viewer is offered the opportunity
 to allow his own individual self to also open out and be seen.
      It's a meaningful experience...emotional, sensual, dreamy, and inspirational.  Programming is suspended. Often, what appears is experienced as something even the Artist didn't know or couldn't imagine about himself, and is oddly, wonderfully, precisely what the Artist needed to take the next step in some kind of evolution.
       Art is a Crystal ball.  He who looks in will see something important, something needed.  Art is the Alchemist's Chalice.  The artist pours himself in, is immersed in pure immediacy.  Oddly and wonderfully again, a good piece of art allows the Viewer to go through the same sweaty work of discovery through which the artist labored.
A good piece of art is a surprise.... unconsciously, unpredictably, arriving in a new world, like Adam's first kiss and then staring into Eve's eyes---everything thereafter is a  new ball game.
        Through a unique lens, the (good) artist, or the good piece of art, demonstrates the problems and difficulties of experiencing and giving voice to the labor.  They call it a "work of art" for a reason, it is just that, WORK, pushing through or making conscious, hundreds of decision points which the artist encountered in a particular set of elements, a scene, a body, a scrim of backlights, an idea,....all of his talents and knowledge pulled into one place, the chalice, the joyful crucible.
         The artist and perhaps all humans only find themselves in what they create, their work.  Surprise!  The secret of happiness? Work! the coliseum of the intimate personal, if you're lucky enough to find the entry point and to develop, chase after, pray for, the tools (or are they "keys"?), that capacity to be able to WORK.
         The art-work process becomes a three way conversation between (1) the object, or the pressing gestalt of observed/experienced elements present, (2) the artist himself, and (3) the work of art itself.  Whatever the artist creates on canvas comes around like a boomerang and changes the artist.  And, as a changed person, the artist sees with a new set of lens, and the scene perceived by this changed person is oddly and wonderfully---also changed.  It's Quantum Physics 101.  As with lovers, each party changes the other, and that set of changes is irrevocable.

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Upcoming Events:

Sept 7 & 8, 2013         "Artist's Studio Tour", participant
                                       Moab, UT  ----see brochure for location.
                                       10-4: p.m. daily

Oct 5-13, 2013             "Moab Plein Air Festival", participant
                                        Moab, UT

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                                           "Juniper Desert"
                                    16 x 16 oil

"From the Sky Into Earth"                                    "Paris Mosque"
14 x 11 oil                                                           11 x 14 oil

"Talking Trees"
                                 11 x 14 oil

Eastern France"                                                         "Ranger Alchemist"
      20 x 16 oil                                                                    12 x 9 oil

                                      "Red Roof with Vines"
                                        20 x 16 oil

"Coullienre, France"                                                             "Woman Leaning"
      20 x 16 oil                                                                             18 x 14 oil

"Vines Ocean"
                               11 x 14 oil

   "Try To Show Up"                                               "Grape Bowl"
14 x 11 oil                                                          9 x 12 oil

      "The Hat Woman"                                      "Tacoma Bay"
        14 z 11 oil                                                 11 x 14 oil

                        "Wats Road"
                         12 x 12 oil

     "Desert Window"                                  "Winter Sunset"
       12 x 9 oil                                             11 x 14 oil

     "Tree Couples"
      8x8 oil
                                                                      "Garden Goddess"
                                                                        20 x 16 oil
       "Northern CA Coast"                                                                               "Nude Imp"
        16 x 20 oil                                                                                              14 x 11 oil
                "Hugo Portrait"
                 16 x 14 oil
                                                 "Women at the Well"
                                                   16 x 20 oil

     "Country Road Ballet"
          11 x 14 framed Plein Aire oil
"Country Lanes Are All Ancient"                               "Land Lines and the Horizon, Then There Were Trees"
    11 x 11 framed Plein Aire oil                                         11 x 14 framed oil

"Knowing the Darkness, Bathed in Light"          "A Conversation With Trees"
   11 x 14 framed oil                                                         11 x 14 framed Plein Aire oil

"In the Light We Lose Our Definition"                                  

  14 x 18 framed oil 

                                                       "Roses Know How To Give A Good Example"
                                                        8 x 8 framed oil
   "Roses Swimming In Their Halo"                                              "Many Good Things Start With Wine"
     8 x 10 framed oil                                                                               12 x 12 frmed oil

   "Swallowed By Yellow Light"                                            "Simple Light and Flowers, Not So Simple"
     12 x 12 framed oil                                                                    8 x 10 framed oil

     "Old Farmland and Sand Quary"                                                                         "Sexy Camilias Attracting Mates"
       11 x 14 framed oil                                                                                                          10 x 8 unframed oil

    "Simple Pleasure Five Apples Seven Cherries"                  "Always Have Coffee in the Morning Sun"
       12 x 12 framed oil                                                                           12 x 12 framed oil

                                               "The Twins/The Best Way to Learn? By Playing!"
                                                11 x 11 framed oil

   "The Homeless Garden Where We Find                               "Still Life and Shapes"
                 Ourselves At Home"                                                          8 x 10 framed oil
     12 x 12 framed oil

                                                                 "Sweet Life in the Gentle Country"                                           
                                                                  11 x 14 framed Plein Aire oil                                                          
      "Welcome Home/The Tree's Greeting"                               "The Wedding Bouquet"
        11 x 14 framed oil                                                                          11 x 14 framed oil

     "Trees Are Different"                                                  "The Homeless Garden's Welcoming Hand"
       12 x 12 framed oil                                                           11 x 14 framed oil

                                      "Tall Trees"
                                                      8 x 10 unframed

  "Portal View I"                                                                                    "Three Flowers/the ginger & The Gift"
   24 x 18 unframed oil                                                                           23 x 18 unframedm oil

                       "Road Trip"
                                 11 x 14 framed oil
        "Desert Sky"                                                                                       "The Bean Barn-The Stories It Could Tell"
         24 x 24 unframed                                                                               14 x 11 unframed Plein Aire oil

"Davenport Cove, CA"
           20 x 24 unframed oil
                                                            "Portal View II"
                                                                                          24 x 18 framed oil

    "Milt's"                                                                                          "Bluff, UT
     11 x 14 framed oil                                                                        11 x 14 unframed oil

    "Three Blue Dancers"
        18 x 24 unframed oil

                                                          "Patch Quilt Brushing the Cheek of the Monterey Bay"
                                                                                      20 x 24 unframed oil

  "Sunflowers Know Which Way to Look"               "Guided By The Wind"
  11 x 14 framed oil                                                                24 x 24 unframed Plein Aire oil

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