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Sally Hingley; Painting
                  Sally Hingley                          
      My goal is to create simplified images that are visually striking, through unusual perspective, color use, or lighting.  I tend to focus on the small and often overlooked, rather than the grand vista.  I'm attracted to weeds in sidewalk cracks, backlit grasses, sun on water, bright Fall leaves against rocks, tree trunks, or a hidden petroglyph.
      On hikes (which are actually meandering walks poking around in the dirt), I take a lot of digital pictures to use as photo reference.  I will also just make things up for a painting.  I live in Carver, Oregon and Moab, Utah, and these very different environments are reflected in my subject matter.
      All of the work shown on this Web Page are Acrylic or Watercolor. 
     Painting size given is the inside dimension, and does not includes frame size.
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      Please enjoy the viewing, and contact me by email if you want more information, to see a larger photo, or how to purchase.

      Email Sally at:
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New on Website                                                
         "Left Behind" 
          16 x 12"  acrylic on canvas board
                                                                "Zen Flower"
                                                                  16 x 16" acrylic on 2"canvas wrap 

      "Where's Lunch?"           
       20 x 16" acrylic on hardboard
                                    "No Dogs"
                                     16 x 20" acrylic on hardboard


"What Is That?"
                                               20 x 16" unframed acrylic
                                               Sold: Thank you Adelaide Fletcher
    "Not So Still Life"
     20 x 16" framed acrylic on board
     *  2ond Award Acrylic Still Life, North Clackamas Art Guild Annual Show 2012
                                                    Oak Grove, OR 
     * 3rd Award Adult Proffessional Still Life, Atrium Gallery Annual Show  2012
                                                    Clackamas Co. Fair, Canby, OR                                                      

                           "Open Window"
                             16 x 12" framed acrylic
                             Sold:  Thank you Mike McCord, Denver, CO
     "Take Me To Your Leader"                                                 "Solace"
       20 x 16" framed acrylic                                                     9 x 11" framed acrylic
       Sold; Thank you Steven Campbell, WA                                      Sold; Thank you Diane Richardson
                                                                                                            Oak Grove, OR

  Red Rock Country

"Later Than I Thought"                                                              
"Where the Wild Sheep Run"                                 
 11 x 9" acrylic on hardboard                                                      11 x 9
" framed acrylic                                               
$150.                                                                                             Sold; Thank you, Mike McCord, CO     
                                "Onion Creek Road"
                                  20 x 16" framed acrylic on board
                                    * 1 st Award Adult Professional Landscape, Atrium Gallery Annual Show 2012
                                                                                                              Clackamas Co. Fair, Canby, OR

           "The Drop Off"                                                                       "Pour over Pool"
             20 x 16 framed acrylic on board                                          11 x 14" framed acrylic on board
             $200.                                                                                       $175.

                                       "Late Fall Shadows"
                                         11 x 9" framed acrylic on hardboard

     "High Meadow"                                                         "Box Canyon"
20 x 16 framed acrylic                                             14 x 11" framed acrylic
      Sold; Thank you Gary Cox, UT                                 $175.

                              24 x 16" framed acrylic on board
             "Time Out Of Mind"                                                                          "Charmed Life"
               14 x 11" acrylic on hardboard                                                         11 x 14" acrylic on hardboard
              $150.                                                                                                  $150.

      "Water Through Rocks"                                                    "Hattan Creek"
           11 x 9" watercolor                                                            9 x 11" framed watercolor
           $75.                                                                                   $120.


                                     "Creekside Traffic Jam"
                                      14 x 11" framed watercolor
                                      * Juried into Western Colorado Watercolor Society Annual Show,
                                                                                               Grand Junction, CO, April 2009

    "Cottonwood Abstract"                                                                         "Floating On Down"
      11 x 9" framed watercolor                                                                    9 x 11" watercolor
      $120.                                                                                                        $75.


                                                  11 x 14" framed watercolor
                                               * 1st Place Award in watercolor landscapes
                                                  North Clackamas Art Guild Annual Show, 2008

                                              * Juried into Gresham Art Exhibit, OR, July & Aug 2009  

        "Primulas"                                                                               "Lurking In The Lilies"
         9 x 11" framed watercolor                                                     11 x 14" framed watercolor
         $120.                                                                                         $125.

   "After The Rain"                                                                   "I See You"
18 x 14" framed watercolor                                               11 x 9" framed watercolor
      $150.                                                                                    $120.

                                         "Gloria In Excelsis"
                                           20 x 15" framed watercolor


                                                                                                                "The Glade"
                                                                                 9 x 11" framed acrylic on board
                                                                                 *4th Award Acrylic Landscape
                                                                                          North Clackamas Art Guild Annual
                                                                                          Show 2012, Oak Grove, OR

                            14 x 11" framed acrylic
                            * Juried into Estacada Summer Celebration Art Fair 2009

        "Moths"                                                                 "Meadow"
         9 x 11" framed acrylic & mixed media                   6 x 4" acrylic
         $200.                                                                     $20.
                                                                                                * 1st Award in "Minatures", North Clackamas
                                                                                                    Art Guild in House competition

   "Poison Ivy"                                                                                "Forest Light"
    19 x 16" framed acrylic                                                                 4 x 6" framed acrylic
    $200.                                                                                            $35.

             24 x 18" framed acrylic on board
"Red Flower Abstract"
                                                         16 x 16" acrylic & texture medium on 2" canvas wrap

 "Lucid Intervals"                                                          "White Roses"
  11 x 14" framed acrylic & testure medium                 11 x 14" acrylic & testure medium on board
                    on hardboard                                              $100.
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